Monday, November 28, 2011

MDH Hype Night is on 18 Dec ♥♥

omg it was long time ago since my last blog updated
LOL im sorry my blog im too lazy xP
just gonna mention what i was talking in 'last post'
hmm yea last post, 2 months + ago post 0.0
the decision was that i were going back to Malaysia!! on September, for about 2 weeks? 0.0
for someone lol. so wei da? hahahahha
and also because of the Hype Night of Mad Dance House, the year end performance!!
so. gonna go back to Malaysia late at the end of the year for the Hype Night.
so then i decided to go back for a while first la. hmm haha
really had fun on going back and i met er jie's big stomach!!!!

after coming back to Brisbane, the exam was about 2 weeks ahead > <
well, but it all past now already!! the result is coming out on 30 Nov which is the coming Wednesday!!!
opps will be fine will be fine!! :D

Now the exam is over, and im working everyday. lol. EVERYDAY
yes but except weekends
i knw that is how working likes
but, you know what im.. hmm lazy? XD
plus the weather is HOT like hell
omg. i cant stand for hot weather!!
it is like about 30+ degree??
anyway, 4 more weeks only, 4 more weeks
awwwwh jiayou la!!! :)

oh i did mentioned about the performance
that is on 18 December.
check on the event link :)
i will be performing, so, yeahhhh hahaha
ppl who are in Brisbane, hope to see you there :))

'The Final Hype Night for MAD DANCE HOUSE for 2011.
A celebration of all that was 2011. Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary styles on display.

Tix are on sale now:
$19 up until the 1st December
$25 from the 1st December
$30 on the door
Limited seating! Tiered seating so every seat is a good sear!
Parking available for $5 too.

AFTER PARTY will be in the valley somewhere! (Valley is walking distance)
Get your tic by calling MDH on 3210 6724 12:30pm-8pm Monday to Thursday. Or pop into the studio .. 99 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane CBD"

night ♥ :)

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  1. miss u baby!hope i can meet u on the end of year!i will face the final soon...good luck for me=)


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